How to prepare succinctly a LightSwitch training?


I love transferring knowledge, especially about a subject I master at a certain level. Sharing things you are passionate about is as a real virtue and gives much happiness in life. Knowledge transfer can take different formats:  in the form of a training sessions, on project coaching, via online videos,  through books, etc …

Why I love providing LightSwitch training sessions?

Probably, the most intense form of knowledge transfer is the “training session”.  I had the pleasure to provide during the last years several sessions about developing line of business applications with LightSwitch.  Usually giving training sessions is not just a one way direction process.  I have been following the last couple of years intensively LightSwitch both at the technical level and on the level how it can be adopted as a super RAD tool by large enterprises and how it can be embedded in these organizations in a highly agile, inherently simple and no-nonsense  manner.  Nonetheless, LightSwitch didn’t reveal for me all it secrets and richness. I’m still learning day by day new things.  A training session can be such a occasion, although it’s most of the time about the basics, where seemingly simple or sometimes captious questions,  can set you thinking about again new possibilities,  different screen layouts,  different mechanisms to integrate with other technologies, etc. …  Obviously, the best training sessions are those where you can work out together with the participants such a new inspiring thought and share the passion with them to think in terms of creative solutions.

Why I hate following 5 day training sessions?

The fact that such a training session happens face to face in real time makes it a superior knowledge transfer method, usually better  than study by means of books and self-study material.

Nonetheless, and now I’m speaking from the perspective where I follow myself a training session,  it can be boring as well. For me, it became difficult to be attentively concentrated more than 2 days on the same subject. That’s the reason why I, as an instructor,  don’t want to torture the participants with sessions longer than 2 days.  But that implies  that participants should go through some pre-study before the training kick-off.  Indeed, getting started with LightSwitch goes fast, but 2 days training is a bare minimum.

What’s the best preparation for a LightSwitch training session?

Given the above considerations, I soon discovered, in the first place by enjoying reading it myself, that Jan Van der Haegen‘s e-book about LightSwitch is the perfect match for being prepared for an in depth LightSwitch training:

This e-book, published by Syncfusion, has the perfect length (less than 70 pages) to see  it is as mandatory literature and as primer for my LightSwitch training sessions. Participants can simply download this exquisite e-book from the  Syncfusion website for free ! The book is extremely well structured and written in the typical catching style of Jan which has brought many of my ‘student’ to start playing with LightSwitch already while reading the book. You cannot imagine how much a training session afterwards can start immediately with the right mindset.

It’s really worth taking the time to explore also the other free e-books of Syncfusion.