Developing a loopback Rest Api Backend: Connect an AngularJS front-end (PART 3/N)


My two previous articles were all about creating an application back-end based on LoopBack and MongoDb. In this article I’ll reuse so work I did previously on connecting an angularJs front-end to a LightSwitch Odata Back-end.

The Angular Client

So, I partially reusing the angular client I used for the LightSwitch Odata backend. There is indeed a slight difference, in the Looback implementation I’m not using BreezeJs, but use simple $Resource services for the back-end connectivity.   angularClient Nothing fancy, I’ll write about about angularJS in the future. For the time being you can try out the app here:  

Inspecting the client side code

In case you are interested in the client side code, simply use the F12 development tools. Press in your browser F12 and go the debug tab: f12

A new development experience

I like the MEAN (mongoDb, ExpressJs, AngularJS, NodeJS) stack combined with Loopback as the core a line of business application framework. I love the uniformity of having javascript all over the place. We have javascript not only in the browser and on the server, but also in the database and also build tools (grunt or gulp). Als the fact that we have one dataformat namely Json is superb. A json string handled in the browser by angular goes in the same format to the mongoDb database. Exciting ! Stay tuned.