It’s worth keeping an eye on Meteor JS.


A very small post, just a teaser about Meteor.

Why it’s worth keeping an eye on meteor?

Meteor recently announced there 1.0 version. 

Just some random thoughts and first impressions:

  • The product had a very long preparation period, so it’s not just another start-up;
  • The project is heavily financed apparently;
  • It’s really about making things very easy;
  • The documentation is quite complete and several books get published;
  • The development team has a very transparent roadmap and it’s managed in a community centered way;
  • The underlying technology and architecture is quite revolutionary, too much to elaborate in one post but in an nutshell: “isomorphic JavaScript’ is key together with Server to client binding based on DDP (Distributed Data Protocol), which makes it the first real “Reactive’” framework.
  • I’m sure there is definitely a whole range of applications for which Meteor is a suboptimal choice but.. the once were it’s the optimal choice will shine !
  • For business applications there are still quite a lot of missing pieces but the foundations are strong and clean, so be patient.

Play a bit with the sample.

You can find  it here:  It’s just their standard sample that I deployed, but it gives a very good view on the power of the platform. Don’t forget to open the app 2 times (next to each other) on on two different machines. By doing so you can easily observe what happens if you make updates in one of the instances.

Depending on how well I digest things, probably more later posts on Meteor.

Stay tuned Glimlach