A downloadable sample app for integrating SignalR in a LightSwitch project.


I recently wrote some articles about the duo LightSwitch – SignalR, which has  a huge potential.

Handling in LightSwitch commands in less than 10 lines of code.

Using SignalR in LightSwitch to process toast notifications to connected clients.

Currently, the SignalR libraries are  moving to a first major release. As I write, SignalR has a Release Candidate (RC 1) version. Unfortunately this makes that the silverlight nuget package is a bit out of sync. This will be probably fixed when SignalR has a final release.

I’m getting quite some questions from LightSwitch developers about SignalR/LightSwitch. Unfortunately, they run into the above problem.

Therefore, I created a small sample application which has all binary references in place. Furthermore the sample contains also a winforms client making a SignalR connection to the lightswitch server.

The purpose of the sample is not to show you signalR (the above links are more useful for that), but just to make sure you have the correct binaries at your disposal.



Update: the winforms project might miss the signalR assemblies. Simply take the latest nuget bits for the winforms project (or if you only want to focus on the lightswitch projects, simply unload the winforms project):