"TheLightSwitchToolbox" is born


I’m starting to like NUGET, the visual studio package manager. I’m more and more convinced that also for LightSwitch this is the perfect vehicle to inject all types of material into a LightSwitch project and as such provide a lot of comfort for the developer.

I┬ábaptized┬ámy LightSwitch nuget packages under the hood of the “LightSwitchToolbox”, so that they are all listed nicely together when you enlist them in the Nuget Console.

Currently we have already following packages:

thelightswitchtoolboxI’ll write a post in a minute or 2 about the WebApiCommanding package which makes it very easy to inject both in client and server the necessary web-api stuff in order to make commanding really easy.

Note that my Nuget packages are not a replacement for the Extension framework, with which you can do really magic things not directly possible via Nuget.

Stay tuned !